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Custom PHP/MySQL Web Application

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Bolder Thinking

Dynamic JavaScript Application

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Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra

ExpressionEngine Website / Forum

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Our design and marketing firm was on the precipise of turning away future web design and development business. We had become so discouraged and disheartened by our experiences with other development companies that we were willing to walk away from it entirely. Then we had the good fortune of collaborating with Notebleu and everything changed. The level of commitment, follow through and professionalism is truly unmatched.

Kevin Roberts, MyersRoberts Collective


Over 40 EE Projects

ExpressionEngine Development

ExpressionEngine is a content management framework that makes editing the words and media on any website a synch. We build websites with ExpressionEngine because it allows us to deliver an exceptional user experience to administrators and users alike. What that means for our clients is the ability to manage complex websites with minimal learning curve and no requirement for employees with a technical background.

Notebleu has built over 40 ExpressionEngine websites and web applications for businesses of all shapes and sizes. These range from blogs and portfolio sites to advanced eCommerce sites and integrated web solutions. We've built ExpressionEngine powered sites that integrate with Magento, RESTful APIs and custom PHP frameworks. We've also built dozens of Modules, Extensions, Field Types and Plugins to make ExpressionEngine fit like a glove no matter the requirements of the project.

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Over 30 Custom Add-Ons

ExpressionEngine Add-Ons

ExpressionEngine is built from the ground up to support and benefit from community generated add-ons. We've built dozens of custom Modules, Extensions, Field Types and Plugins for ExpressionEngine. Need a more powerful way to track how your content is being consumed? We've built that. Need to integrate with a third party API? We've built that too. ExpressionEngine add-ons give projects every benefit of the exceptional EE content management framework without having to compromise when highly customized tasks are required.

Some of the most creative software we've written at Notebleu has been to extend ExpressionEngine. We strive to build the most usable content management platforms on the market and we've been able to deliver on that aspiration by customizing ExpressionEngine for each project that we deliver with it.

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Over 417K Lines of PHP

📓PHP Development

PHP is used by over 80% of the dynamic websites and web applications on the internet. It is a powerful programming language with the support of a massive online community. We focus on PHP development because of its relevance in the marketplace, its elegant object-oriented style and the vast codebase of modules built to help PHP interface with other services.

We've used PHP to build high functioning data management systems, to output complex Excel Workbooks, create beautiful, dynamic PDFs. It's likely that if you can imagine it, we can build it with PHP.

PHP also underpins the worlds most popular Content Management Systems and Frameworks. ExpressionEngine, Wordpress, Drupal, Laravel, Code Igniter, Magento; all are built on PHP. Got an existing site that uses PHP but needs a new developer? Our fluency with the language makes us a good fit for existing websites and applications that need a fresh set of eyes. Need something completely unique built from the ground up? You guessed it, we do that too.

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MySQL Development

MySQL is among the most popular relational database management systems in use and it got there by being fast, reliable and highly scalable. All of the top content management systems use MySQL as their default data storage platform, ExpressionEngine, Wordpress, Drupal and it backs many of the worlds most recognizable web applications.

Even with all the power that MySQL has under its hood, Notebleu recognizes that it takes thoughtful, thorough and contextual planning to unlock MySQL's full potential. We've built schemas from the ground up to perform. We've also worked closely with some of the industry's most tried and true industry leading schemas (Magento, ExpressionEngine, Wordpress) to understand and extend their capabilities for our clients.

We also see the power that's in the data itself. Chances are your data knows more about your customers than you do. We can help you unlock that information.

Get in touch to learn how Notebleu can make your data tell you all its little secrets.


JavaScript Development

JavaScript is increasingly relied upon to power the dynamic page interactions that help websites stand out and supercharge web applications. We've built some pretty nifty things with JavaScript at Notebleu. Systems that allow hundreds of employees to be managed in real time through a single interface, powerful content tracking tools, interactive maps.

We've worked extensively with jQuery, jQuery UI, Twitter Bootstrap, backbone.js, underscore.js and a host of other libraries. Notebleu can help you make your Flash website mobile compatible without losing all those cool animations. We can cook up interactive reports that bring your data to life and allow you to filter it in real time.

Our fluency with JavaScript also makes Notebleu a great partner on websites with an existing codebase that needs to be updated. We can get up to speed quickly and help get you back on the path to success.

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Over 600K Lines of Markup

HTML/CSS Development

They may not be as in vogue as PHP, MySQL and JavaScript, but HTML and CSS are an integral part of every website and web application and truly understanding their proper implementation saves time, money and no small amount of fear and loathing on the trail to browser compatibility.

Before we touch CSS, Notebleu builds logical, semantic HTML documents that search engines love and browsers render consistently. The CSS is the icing on the cake. Turn off Javascript in your browser and these tabs will still work. That's some elegant CSS, n'est-ce pas? And it's not even CSS3! (Sorry, nerd alert.) We take pride in our markup because it's the easiest part of the equation to overlook, but when it's done badly, it's the first thing you'll notice. At Notebleu we build websites that we want to hold up for a long time, and that starts with exceptional HTML and CSS.

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Daily GIT Commits

💻Web Application Development

The combination of PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML and CSS make it possible to build any application you can think of, host it on a web server and use it from anywhere in the world where you can get an internet connection. Even the side of Mount Everest. We've built applications that help run companies and tools that help people express themselves.  

At Notebleu, we think of building software like a taylor thinks of building a bespoke suit.  Highly individualized, comfortable and from the best materials available.  We like our products to fit so well you'll actually enjoy using the back end as much as you enjoy looking at the front.  We work closely with our clients throughout the development process, knowing that a collaborative, warm environment is the most likely to lead to success.

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